Getting Here

Slovenia is at the crossroads between East and West, between Central and Southern Europe. It is well connected to the motorway network and rail. It is also easily accessible by plane from different carriers on the domestic airport in Ljubljana Jože Pučnik as with many others in the vicinity - Zagreb, Trieste, Venice, Klagenfurt, Graz ...

By Car

Vignette in Slovenia can be obtained at the following prices: 7 day vignette is 15 EUR, monthly vignette is 30 EUR.

Through Austria leads several motorway connections. Austrian 10 day vignette costs 8.30 EUR for vehicles up to 3.5 t of total weight. Additionally there are fees for some non-tunnels: Karavanke tunnel - 7 EUR, Obertauer - 9.90 Eur. Some can be elegantly avoided and view some part of the Alps. Hungarians have also vignettes: 10 day vignette costs 9.54 EUR in HUF.

Transport by Italian roads is a closed system, which means as much as you travel, that much you pay. For example: from France to the border with Slovenia costs about 30 EUR.

More about vignettes:

By Plane

Adria connects the airport Ljubljana Jože Pučnik with the following cities: London, Paris, Brussels, Copenhagen, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Zurich, Frankfurt, Moscow, Manchester ...

Wizz Air connects Ljubljana with London and Brussels.

By Train

By Train Image

Slovenia leads through quite a few international trains:

From Germany via Austria lead four international trains: in the morning, afternoon and night for which you can arrange a sleeper.

In Switzerland the direct night train at a very affordable price. You can travel in the 1st, 2nd class or extra sleeper. Driving from Zurich takes about 12 hours.

From Istanbul twice a week night comes direct car train.

From Hungary, Budapest to Ljubljana and back can be reached by direct international train for less than 50 EUR.

Also from Venice to Ljubljana there are two direct trains without having to change at a very affordable price.

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