Post date 03.06.2015

1st Day: Middle distance, Tivoli

Lists for 2nd and 3rd Day will be published soon.

Post date 02.06.2015

Bulletin no. 3 with all the key information about the competition is available:

  • IMPORTANT! Location of the Event Centre of the 1st Day has changed. The new location is in Tivoli by the training ground Ilirija.
  • Overview of length and rise of courses
  • Class M21E has a map change on Saturday. Competitor will receive both maps on start in protective cover. Two-sided.
  • On Sunday on NC on Middle distance at the finnish area Amfibija shop offers free lending of running shoes ICEBUG in which  you can also compete.
  • In Bulletin no. 3 you will also find the locations of the competition, how to access them, and especially when particular parts of the competition will take place.
  • The entire map with locations and directions is located on the:

OK Tivoli

Post date 01.06.2015

Due to insufficient number of competitors we will join classes:

W21A will be joined with W21E
W40 will be joined with W35
W50, W55 and W60 will be joined with W45

M20 will be joined with M21E
M40 will be joined with M35
M50 will be joined with M45
M60 will be joined with M55

On Sunday we will also join following classes:

W14 will be joined with W16
M14 will be joined with M16

Post date 29.05.2015

We would like to invite you to participate in announcing athlete arrivals in finish area by sending your consent and information about you on (example of email message below).

Information I would like to share during competition and can be told by presenter / announcer publicly and with this email consent I therefore give permission to it:

Example of personal information:

John Johnson, 54 years old, started with the Orienteering 10 years ago… Othewise I like climbing trees, swimming in the middle of Atlantic ocean and mountain cycling on Everest. My best adventure was crossing the Antarctic at 9 years of age. Fan of opera and accid jazz…

Post date 22.05.2015

Deadline for registration is extended until 29.5.

Entry fee remain the same from 22.5. to 29.5.

More at: